Surety Bond Types

Review some of the Surety Bonds we offer in Florida

Bid Bonds in Florida

A bid bond is a bond that is provided along with your proposal at the time of the bid opening. It is usually 5% or 10% of your estimate and guarantees to the Owner/GC that if you are low bidder and awarded the project a Performance and Payment bond will be provided to them. No payment is required for bid bonds.

A Performance and Payment Bond in Florida:

Typically 100% of the contract and guarantees to the Owner/GC that the project will be completed according to the contract terms and that all the bills to sub-contractors or suppliers will be paid. A premium is charged for a Performance and Payment bond.

License Bonds and Permit Bonds in Florida:

Bonds provided to the City or County to guarantee you comply with the local codes and the regulations of that particular city or county. Sometimes a license bond or permit bond is required to work in a certain city or county. This is just a small sample of the type of surety bonds in Florida that we can provide. We provide financially responsible officer bonds, subdivision bonds and court bonds to name just a few more! Specializing in bid bonds in Florida, performance bonds, license bonds, permit bonds and much more!

Three Types of Bonds – This covers what I sell in a nutshell.

  1. Performance and Payment. Requires:
    • Prepared Year End Business Financial Statement for 2011 Financial statement needs to be prepared using the percentage of completion method if possible. (If statements not available please call)
    • Corporate Tax Returns for 2010 and 2009 if financial for 2011/2010/2009 was not completed
    • Personal financial statement for all stockholders
    • Company profile with work on hand report
    • Forms needed : Profile, Personal Financial Statement and Work on Hand Report (PDF Required to view)
  2. Miscellaneous bonds. Requires
  3. Financially Responsible Officer bonds.  Requires

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