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Forms Instructions

Instructions For Bid Performance And Payment Bond Submissions

Please Read Prior To Completing Forms

Application For Contractors Bond
(Company Profile)

All questions on this form must be completed for the initial submission.

Work On Hand Report

A summary of all open projects

Financial Statements

Any questions about financial statements please call.  See instructions attached for financial statement preparation.

General Agreement Of Indemnity

Form to be forwarded upon completion of underwriting

If the submission is for a Performance/ Payment bond, a copy of the contract must be provided (does not need to be signed copy)

The information requested herein is necessary to seek approval of surety credit. The submission of this information in no manner assures that any requested bond will be approved or provided. A complete and accurate submission is necessary to request surety approval. Incomplete information delays the underwriting process.

 Please Do Not Hesitate To Call With Any Questions.
We Are Here To Help!  

Financial Statement Requirements

A COPY OF THE LAST THREE FISCAL OR CALENDAR YEAR ENT) STATEMENTS ARE REQUIRED. (If last three Year End Statements are not available please call). In most cases corporate tax returns can be substituted for two and three years back but a current year end CPA prepared financial is required in most cases.

Fast Track Application

Based on personal and corporate credit report with no financial required for bondsup to $250,000.00 Please include copy of contract or bid specs with application.

Current in-house or independent accountant prepared financial statements will beaccepted in certain cases. They should contain a balance sheet and an incomestatement.
Submissions Up T0 $500,000 ….
Current C.P.A. prepared compilation report will be required. The financialstatements should contain a balance sheet, income statement, statement of cashflows, notes and completed/uncompleted job schedules.

Submissions $500,000 …. And Over
Current C.P.A. prepared Review report will be required _ The financial statementsshould contain a balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, notesand completed/uncompleted job schedules.

Personal Financial Statements

Required for all stockholders owning 10% or more of the business and it shouldbe concurrent with the latest business statement. Each personal statement mustbe signed by the principal and spouse.

Miscellaneous Bonds

All types of license and permit bonds.